[FZH] Answer to "Flood in Brisbane" questions.

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星期四 一月 6 06:52:08 UTC 2011


I have received a few questions about "How is the flood in Brisbane?" from
ambassadors who live overseas. I may answer it on the mailing list at once.

   1. The flood is happening in some rural area (Rockhampton). It is more
   than 500 kms from Brisbane. [1] [2]
   2. I live about 25 kms from CBD and there is no flood here at my house.
   3. LCA and FAD will be held at City (almost CBD) so it will be fine even
   there are heavy storms.

So I am not replying you guys with half my legs in water. There are frequent
rains for sure. :)


[1] http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2011/01/06/3107208.htm?site=brisbane

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