[FZH] [Ambassadors] Re: [Ambassadors] Re: [Ambassadors] Re: [Ambassadors] Harish Pillay 將蒞臨北京,期望與 Fedora 社區會面。

Gerard Braad gbraad在fedoraproject.org
星期六 一月 8 08:09:41 UTC 2011

Harish and Chinese Ambassadors in Beijing,

I would suggest to meet near Guomao (国贸), like StarBucks. This is a
place easy to reach by subway line 1 and 10 and is near to the Beijing
Office of RedHat

    Tuesday, 11th of January around 19:00

We might be able to move it to a later moment in the week, but I
prefer as soon as possible. Send me a message if needed on +86
13611049572 (China Mobile, so Fetion/飞信 message are possible). The
focus will be on English language for Harish, but don't worry about
this! Just join us.

Harish, if you can also send me your phone number by personal email?


Gerard Braad -- 吉拉德
   Project-lead Fedora-MIPS
   Regional Mentor for APAC/China, Member of FAmSCo

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