[FZH] Harish Pillay 將蒞臨北京,期望與 Fedora 社區會面。

Simon Yan simonyanix在gmail.com
星期二 一月 11 06:42:07 UTC 2011

2011/1/11 Gerard Braad <gbraad在fedoraproject.org>:
> 2011/1/10 Simon Yan <simonyanix在gmail.com>:
>> 2011/1/10 Gerard Braad <gbraad在fedoraproject.org>:
>>> 2011/1/10 Simon Yan <simonyanix在gmail.com>:
>>>> I wish I could make it there but I can't.
>>>> I know I'm gonna regret this.
>>>> ;(
>>> Why couldn't you? the time is not good?
>> No, the time is good.
>> I'm having a flu and need to be home quarantined. sigh~
> Do you have any topic I should ask? I can do so for you, but as he is
> included in the email... do!
> Afterwards I will right a small minutes for the stuff we have talked
> about and post it to the mailinglist, so dont worry. you will only
> miss a small part. ;-)

See? This is exactly why I love modern technology. ;)

Hi Harish, nice talking with you. (Actually Gerard, this is first time
talking with you too ;) )
Questions I would like to ask if you can spare some of your time:
1. How would you evaluate the contribution from FZUG to the Fedora
project in the past years?
2. What are the areas we are going good and what are the ones we are not?
3. Any suggestions for the next move for FZUG? (Towards a better sub-FUG)

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