[FZH] Direction of fedorachinese.org and fedora-zh.org; Re: fedoracommunity.org domain requests outstanding

Gerard Braad gbraad在fedoraproject.org
星期二 一月 25 08:32:46 UTC 2011


This is a continuation of a discussion on our cn.fedoracommunity.org

On 1/24/11, Yuan Yijun <bbbush.yuan at gmail.com> wrote:
> if used properly, can allow
> people to post to proper modules, thus provide another way of active
> collaboration. Got it?

The system used for the page is a CMS and will be taken care of from a
group perspective. People will have editorial rights to a regional
part or interest...

For now it is a placeholder to get the cn.fc.o approved. If no steps
are taken, this request will remain outstanding. This does not serve
any of us.

> The fedora-zh.org is blocked by GFW, not long ago. Such event is rare
> and there are several ways to remedy:
> * change the IP address.
> * move to another space
> * move to the VPS kaio mentioned
> * move to somewhere sponsored
> * move to some hosting spaces inside China

At the moment these options are all considered. I got in touch with
Candis Hosting already as they have a good relationship with people I
know at the BeijingLUG and ICP license is considered. But I would not
move all services to this. Why?

Since being of FAmSCo I want to topic about Community Hosting being
discussed. Hosting some of the stuff on the Fedora Infrastructure will
give us an increased reliability and contributors are part of the
project. For smaller communities Fedora should be able to provide a
simple set of tools to start a community page. I know this involves
legal issues and a increased load on our Sysadmin team, but I am sure
we can work something out... just like what we did with the blog
option for Wordpress.

> Hereby I explain why I don't want to reply your last email.
> First of all, the mailing list is already read-only

This then might have been a misunderstanding. My apologies... but a
simple explanation would have helped.

> an historically important way of communication
> No more forceful works in the future.

Sometimes a change is needed for new things to happen. I am confident
fedora-zh will survive as we are all working on it... but we have to
make sure we can provide new-comers all the information they need or
even before, information about how they can join. This is currently
what we are working on. Consolidating all the information we have...


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