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Sat Jul 2 17:59:02 UTC 2011

2011/7/1 Tommy He <lovenemesis at fedoraproject.org>

> gbraad 给我发信后一直没回,因为最近几天一直在思考这个问题:
> FUDCon 吸引朝内子民的原因的地方在哪里?
> 和来自全球各地的 Fedora 用户和开发人员交流什么?
> 尤其是各位贡献者朋友们,应该问问自己这样的问题。
> 在 Bid 页面上,有 Mozilla China,有 China Mobile,就是缺乏 Fedora 中文区的东西。
> 最不想看到的结果是 FUDCon Beijing is Just Another FUDCon Asia。
> 希望大家可以一起想想那些展现 Fedora 中文的 Topic 以期做为会议期间的环节,具有吸引力的。
> 比如 microcai 的 Linux kernel UTF-8 ?


   1. 工作人員不足:只有 6 位大使,加上香港 4 人才 10 人;印度 40 人的規模,5 倍人力。我們顧一個攤位的人力都可能剛剛好。

   2. 缺乏活動經驗:梁牛最近的 FAD 才第一次使用了經費報銷程序,連 FAD 都是初辦怎樣應付幾百人的 FUDCON?印度 WIKI
   頁演講主題和註冊參與者的內容,保守估計印度比中國準備是 2 倍以上吧。

   3. RH CN 沒有支持:多年來都沒有支持社區,一聽到可能在北京辦就瘋了馬上來爭風說幫忙。

5 X 2,要在中國辦的難度有高於 10 𠍁鑿


I had been reading this thread along, discussed with the China community on
mailing lists and during our weekly meetings. This is not surprised to see
the APAC countries with the most population are making the bid. It is no
doubt that which bid won to hold FUDCon, will benefit the community of such
country and surround regions.

Personally, even I am a member of Chinese community, I am hereby supporting
India for FUDCon 2011. China is just not ready for having a FUDCon this
year. These are the my reasons:

   1. Lack of local ambassadors - According to
   https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/MembershipService/Verification ,
   there are only 6 (10 if Hong Kong FAms are included). Compare to 39 in
   India, it is approximately 5 times difference. This is just the head number
   only, please see point 2.

   2. Lack of FUDCon (even FAD) experience - India has done FUDCon in past
   and several FAD are happening throughout the year. And China just has her
   first FAD (at Guang Zhou) which went the reimbursement process with FAmSCo.
   As it can be shown from the quantity and quality of information in wiki
   pages of both bids, conservatively India has 2 times of preparation served
   for this event than China.

   3. Lack of supports from Red Hat - Red Hat China Office (Beijing) had not
   supported domestic Fedora activities for years. AFAIK, there had been no
   financial/swag/people supports ever from Beijing office for organizing
   community activities. Fedora Chinese User Group (FZUG) contacted RH China
   requested collaboration to boost the growth of Fedora community but cold or
   nil response received. Some of the FZUG members / FAms instead contacted
   directly to Community Architecture Team in RH US headquarter or Singapore
   office for assistance. Now when Beijing office heard about the bid of FUDCon
   2011 and becomes extremely excited to promote their "exposure" in open
   source community, eagerly offers hands. Remember, no FAD were supported by
   Beijing office ever except a couple of her staff attended a couple of
   meetups voluntary only in years.

Above reasons justify the great risk that FUDCon will be very likely failed
if it is held in China this year. In terms of the gap between India and
China in width and depth, the difficulty to make successful FUDCon 2011 in
China is 10+ times higher than in India. Assume the point 1 and 2 can be
coped at the end, I do doubt that RH China office can keep their interest in
growth of community after the event. An one off fragile event with no after
plan to sustain the heat, is a waste of annual FUDCon APAC chance. We want a
FUDCon for Fedora event, not a RH event.

My suggestions is let India do FUDCon 2011, and China's focus on this year:

   1. Recruits more ambassadors
   2. Raises technical levels of contributors/users/developers for talks
   3. Organizes FADs with media, swags, reimbursement processes
   4. Build up the link between community and RH China (w/ US, Singapore
   offices are just not enough!), but this involve participation from both
   5. Makes all above an iteration

Yes, China still need to compete among other bids in 2012, so it is
necessary to act right now. Good luck to India and China, will be glad to
the results and be proud of the transparency.


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