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> 2011/7/1 Tommy He <lovenemesis at fedoraproject.org>
>> gbraad 给我发信后一直没回,因为最近几天一直在思考这个问题:
>> FUDCon 吸引朝内子民的原因的地方在哪里?
>> 和来自全球各地的 Fedora 用户和开发人员交流什么?
>> 尤其是各位贡献者朋友们,应该问问自己这样的问题。
>> 在 Bid 页面上,有 Mozilla China,有 China Mobile,就是缺乏 Fedora 中文区的东西。
>> 最不想看到的结果是 FUDCon Beijing is Just Another FUDCon Asia。
>> 希望大家可以一起想想那些展现 Fedora 中文的 Topic 以期做为会议期间的环节,具有吸引力的。
>> 比如 microcai 的 Linux kernel UTF-8 ?
> 我作了一個深入的思考,結論還是不贊成北京舉辦今年的
> FUDCon。我把它寫成英文回覆到大使列表了,以下為原文和中文提要;我覺得這不是要不要支持自己人的問題,而是我們今年勉強硬來辦的話失敗的風險實在太大了:
>    1. 工作人員不足:只有 6 位大使,加上香港 4 人才 10 人;印度 40 人的規模,5 倍人力。我們顧一個攤位的人力都可能剛剛好。
>    2. 缺乏活動經驗:梁牛最近的 FAD 才第一次使用了經費報銷程序,連 FAD 都是初辦怎樣應付幾百人的 FUDCON?印度 WIKI
>    頁演講主題和註冊參與者的內容,保守估計印度比中國準備是 2 倍以上吧。
>    3. RH CN 沒有支持:多年來都沒有支持社區,一聽到可能在北京辦就瘋了馬上來爭風說幫忙。
> 5 X 2,要在中國辦的難度有比在印度辦高於 10 倍。再者,要是在中國辧在缺乏本地貢獻者的前提下,只會淪為 “RH
> 北京主辦”(我真的相信會有這一行出現在某些宣傳材料中呢);我們不要 yet another RH event,而是 an unique Fedora
> event!

了解帝都能辦 FUDCON 是充滿光榮感,可是自私的硬要勉強辦,只會蹧蹋每年一度的 FUDCon。

我們壓根心裏沒底。好好的用這一年多招大使、多辦活動、多提升技術水平、盡力建立與 RH 的橋樑,並一直持續下去,再來自信的爭辦好嗎?



> 原文:
> Hi,
> I had been reading this thread along, discussed with the China community on
> mailing lists and during our weekly meetings. This is not surprised to see
> the APAC countries with the most population are making the bid. It is no
> doubt that which bid won to hold FUDCon, will benefit the community of such
> country and surround regions.
> Personally, even I am a member of Chinese community, I am hereby supporting
> India for FUDCon 2011. China is just not ready for having a FUDCon this
> year. These are the my reasons:
>    1. Lack of local ambassadors - According to
>    https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/MembershipService/Verification ,
>    there are only 6 (10 if Hong Kong FAms are included). Compare to 39 in
>    India, it is approximately 5 times difference. This is just the head number
>    only, please see point 2.
>    2. Lack of FUDCon (even FAD) experience - India has done FUDCon in past
>    and several FAD are happening throughout the year. And China just has her
>    first FAD (at Guang Zhou) which went the reimbursement process with FAmSCo.
>    As it can be shown from the quantity and quality of information in wiki
>    pages of both bids, conservatively India has 2 times of preparation served
>    for this event than China.
>    3. Lack of supports from Red Hat - Red Hat China Office (Beijing) had
>    not supported domestic Fedora activities for years. AFAIK, there had been no
>    financial/swag/people supports ever from Beijing office for organizing
>    community activities. Fedora Chinese User Group (FZUG) contacted RH China
>    requested collaboration to boost the growth of Fedora community but cold or
>    nil response received. Some of the FZUG members / FAms instead contacted
>    directly to Community Architecture Team in RH US headquarter or Singapore
>    office for assistance. Now when Beijing office heard about the bid of FUDCon
>    2011 and becomes extremely excited to promote their "exposure" in open
>    source community, eagerly offers hands. Remember, no FAD were supported by
>    Beijing office ever except a couple of her staff attended a couple of
>    meetups voluntary only in years.
> Above reasons justify the great risk that FUDCon will be very likely failed
> if it is held in China this year. In terms of the gap between India and
> China in width and depth, the difficulty to make successful FUDCon 2011 in
> China is 10+ times higher than in India. Assume the point 1 and 2 can be
> coped at the end, I do doubt that RH China office can keep their interest in
> growth of community after the event. An one off fragile event with no after
> plan to sustain the heat, is a waste of annual FUDCon APAC chance. We want a
> FUDCon for Fedora event, not a RH event.
> My suggestions is let India do FUDCon 2011, and China's focus on this year:
>    1. Recruits more ambassadors
>    2. Raises technical levels of contributors/users/developers for talks
>    3. Organizes FADs with media, swags, reimbursement processes
>    4. Build up the link between community and RH China (w/ US, Singapore
>    offices are just not enough!), but this involve participation from both
>    sides
>    5. Makes all above an iteration
> Yes, China still need to compete among other bids in 2012, so it is
> necessary to act right now. Good luck to India and China, will be glad to
> the results and be proud of the transparency.
> Regards,
> kaio
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