[FZH] Lovelock Event @ Canton 活动正式公告与报名贴

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(Hi, this has been translated requested by cnblue for him publishing to
various internet channels. Refer to the originals as the most accurate

Fedora 15 has been released on 24th May 2011. Fedora 15 is a milestone
version - intergration of numerous new features and functionalities. Fedora
Chinese User Group and GZLUG (Guang Zhou Linux User Groups) joined force
organizing Lovelock Event @ Canton event for celebrating smooth release of
Fedora 15.

Venue: Zhong Shan University Southern Campus Yi Fu Building (TBA for exact
room location)

Time: 11th June 2011 2pm - 5pm

Details: TBA with topics open for submission:

   - Liang Suilong - History and future of Fedora Project
   - Robin Lee - Introduction of systemd
   - Tiger Soldier - OSD Lyrics, and another topic related to Fedora 15
   - All - Why Do We Choose Fedora? - A passionate mingling between lovers
   of Fedora and other Linux distributions.


   - Fedora 15 i686 Desktop CD and Fedora x86_64 Desktop CD, 50pcs each
   (produced according to official specification published on Fedora Wiki)
   - Fedora Stickers, certain quantity
   - Note: (a) Because of the urgency, Fedora Ambassadors APAC cannot
   deliver swags by the event. All the swags are produced locally in Guang Zhou
   under Fedora official specifications. (b) Fedora media will be distributed
   to topic presentors and event organisers at priority, but that is just a
   minor amount and most of them are available to attendants.

Presentation topics are still open to submission. Please all supporters of
Fedora do not hesitate to participate - sharing your experiences of usage,
or talking about the latest technologies of Fedora such as BTRFS and Gnome
3. You can email liangsuilong at gmail.com or robinlee.sysu at gmail.com if

RSVP (either of the following):

   - Please kindly head to GZLUG mailing list to RSVP and follow the thread:
   gzlug at googlegroups.com
   - Please kindly head to Fedora Chinese User Group mailing list to RSVP
   and follow the thread: chinese at lists.fedoraproject.com
   - Please kindly email me directly to RSVP: liangsuilong at gmail.com

We welcome every Fedora and Linux lovers from Guang Zhou and Pearl River
Delta to participate our event. We also want to thank the friends who are
the students from Zhong Shan University for booking the venue for us.

This information will be published in Fedora Chinese User Group news web
site, GZLUG official web site and LinuxToy web site. Latest news will be
updated timely among above web sites also. Those who interested may please
pay attention to us. :)

PS: The original writing was done by Liang Suilong, translated by Caius
'kaio' Chance.


 2011/6/6 Liang Suilong <liangsuilong at gmail.com>

> Fedora 15 已经在 2011 年 5 月 24 日发布了。Fedora 15 是一个里程碑式的版本,融合了众多新组件和新特性。Fedora
> 中文用户组和 GZLUG 广州 Linux 用户组联合举行 Lovelock Event @ Canton 活动,庆祝 Fedora 15
> 的顺利发行。
> 活动地点:中山大学南校区逸夫楼(具体课室待定)
> 活动时间:2011 年 6 月 11 日 14:00~17:00
> 活动安排(待定,主题仍在收集中):
>   - Liang Suilong - Fedora 项目的历史与未来
>   - Robin Lee - systemd 简介
>   - Tiger Soldier - OSD Lyrics a与一个关于 Fedora 15 的主题 (待定)
>   - Why Do We Choose Fedora? - Fedora 爱好者与其他 Linux 发行版爱好者之间的激情碰撞
> 活动礼品:
>   - Fedora 15 i686 Desktop CD 和 Fedora 15 x86_64 Desktop CD 各 50 张(按照
>   Fedora Wiki 上提供的官方模板制作。)
>   - Fedora 贴纸若干
>   - 注意:(A)由于时间的关系,Fedora APAC 大使组无法在活动举行前把礼品送达,所以所有礼品均在广州本地制作,但会按照 Fedora
>   官方的要求制作的。(B)Fedora 光盘会优先发放给主题演讲者和活动组织者,请参与者放心,这部分数量不会多。
> 主题演讲仍在征集之中,欢迎各位 Fedora 的支持者积极参与,可以分享你们的使用心得,或者讲解 Fedora 的最新技术,比如 BTRFS 和
> GNOME 3。如果你发邮件到 liangsuilong AT gmail DOT com 或 robinlee.sysu AT gmail DOT
> com 申请。
> 报名方式:
>   - 请到 GZLUG 邮件列表跟帖报名 gzlug AT googlegroups DOT com
>   - 请到 Fedora 中文邮件列表跟帖报名 chinese AT lists DOT fedoraproject DOT com
>   - 可以发邮件给本人报名 liangsuilong AT gmail DOT com
> 我们欢迎广州和珠三角的爱好 Fedora 的朋友参与我们的活动。我们也欢迎其他 Linux
> 发行版的爱好者参与我们的活动,我们已经为你们准备了口水战的环节了。
> 最后我们感谢 FAmSCo 大使组资助我们这次活动,也感谢中山大学的同学为我们申请场地。(貌似又是中山大学笃行工作室?)
> 本文将在 Fedora 中文用户组新闻网站、GZLUG 官方网站和 LinuxTOY 同时发表,同时也会实时更新情况,请有兴趣的朋友多加关注。
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