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星期日 五月 1 04:10:36 UTC 2011


刚刚通过 Transifex.net 的 Contact Us 渠道提交了一份邮件,希望能获得他们在“如何整合术语列表”方面的建议。

由 Tiansiworld 主导并维护的术语列表包含了 Fedora 以及相关计算机领域的常见词汇的 英文-简中-繁中 翻译,目前已经转至成
.csv 格式的文档并放置到 git 仓库中。

这里尝试解决的问题是如何将该术语表有效的利用起来。在下在这里尝试的方法尝试将该术语列表整合入  Transifex.net 的在线翻译建议中。

当下 Transifex.net 的在线翻译工具,会根据当前翻译文件的已翻译词条,为正在翻译的词条提供建议。若是能将该术语表中的内容整合至此,应该大有裨益。

下面是发送至 Transifex 的邮件原文:


I wonder if there's a better way to utilize the glossary with the
built-in Translation Memory feature.

Current I'm working closely with Fedora Project Chinese(zh_CN) team.
We have maintained a Glossary which listed all the suggested
translation for common terms for quite a long time.

Now Transifex 1.0 has per-string Translation Memory feature(thank
you!). Since that time we have been thinking how we could add the
Glossary into the Translation Memory. It would be quite helpful for
the terms in Glossary popped up as Suggestion while using Transifex
Online Editor. So far no clue was successfully brainstormed.

The raw Glossary is stored as a plain .csv file on a recently setup Git repo.

We'll be very appreciate if you can provide us an idea on this.

Thank you,

Tommy He
lovenemesis at fedoraproject.org'




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