[FZH] G3的窗体按钮

Tommy He lovenemesis at fedoraproject.org
Fri Sep 9 03:53:05 UTC 2011

表示以前也极少使用最小化按钮,觉得 G3 去掉无用功能很好。

2011/9/8 Yu Chen <jcomee at gmail.com>:
> 看到3U的一些人在(很不负责的)喷 G3 没有最小化按钮,说什么 G3 的设计是反人类的,只有几个设计师自拍脑袋决定的。然后就猛吹 Unity
> 有多爱,我没有用过Unity,不知道他有多好,没有发言权,但 G3
> 没有最小按钮的设计对我来说是个进步。早晨收到一封Haikuos的邮件,刚好也说了这个事情,给大家分享一下:
> The UI isn't going to be changed simply due to personal
> preference/familiarity with other OSes. The minimize button isn't included
> because the interface is designed to eliminate the need for it, since 1)
> Haiku windows don't generally zoom to full screen by default, and 2)
> multiple workspaces let you organize them such that you don't generally need
> to hide them. Haiku's goal isn't generally to just do everything the same
> way other OSes do for the sake of it so you'd have to have a very good
> reason to change that.
> 喷是没问题了,问题是喷的太没水准,像泼妇骂街。
> Yu
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