[FZH] looking for a business partner in China

Caius Chance me at kaio.net
Thu Apr 19 08:54:23 UTC 2012


What I suggest is - seek a VC or any other investors from US for supporting
your business proposal.

IMHO, nowadays the trend of web site is going sleek rather than complex.
However, you have more opportunity if you bring this to trading expos,
rather than this tech focused mailing list. A businessman from China have
better and more efficient channel to migrate to US already. Hence, a green
card by investing your project is relatively less interested by them.

Good luck.


On 18 April 2012 11:09, Serguei Krasnov <a9496773817 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am a Russian computer scientist, living and working in USA for 20 years.
> I created a very complex website. Based on this website a very profitable
> business (up to 1000%) can be built with proper investments.
> I asume there are businessmen in China, who want to invest in
> US economy. By the way investment of $500,000 leads to a green card.
> I am looking for a business partner in China who will be finding and
> referring to
> me those who are interested. My email a9496773817 at gmail.com
> Thanks!
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