[FZH] grub系统引导问题

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参考维基百科: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_boot_record#System_bootstrapping

Popular MBR code programs were created for booting PC DOS and MS-DOS,
and similar boot code remains in wide use. These boot sectors expect
the fdisk partition table scheme to be in use, and scans the list of
partitions in the MBR's embedded partition table to find the only one
that is marked with the active flag.[15] It then loads and runs the
volume boot record (VBR) of the active partition.


The code in volume boot records is invoked either directly by the
machine's firmware or indirectly by code in the master boot record or
a boot manager. Code in the MBR and VBR is in essence loaded the same

至于区别和选择. 参考 http://linux.ioerror.us/2006/01/30/where-should-you-install-grub/


If you intend to dual-boot Windows, then you should avoid installing
GRUB to the MBR. The reason for this is that Windows occasionally
overwrites the MBR, for instance, when you reinstall it, and that
could be quite often. When that happens, your Linux system will seem
to disappear as your system starts booting directly into Windows,
bypassing the boot menu altogether. To avoid this, install GRUB to the
boot sector of the active partition instead.

想双引导win的话, 为了避免重装win把mbr覆盖导致linux"不见"了, 建议避免装mbr上, 应该装在活动分区.

There’s an exception to that rule: If you are installing Linux to a
secondary hard drive, and no part of it will be on your main hard
drive, then you must install GRUB to the MBR, and take your chances
with Windows overwriting the MBR with its own at some future date. If
this happens, you’ll have to use a Linux rescue CD to get GRUB
reinstalled. (I’ll cover this procedure in the future.)

以上规则有一个例外: 如果把linux装在从盘, grub必须安装在mbr, 然后乃自行搞定win的问题吧.

If, however, Linux will be the only operating system on your computer,
it’s perfectly safe to — and you must — install GRUB to the MBR.

然而, 如果linux单系统环境的话, 装到mbr里吧!

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2012/2/26 twang <twang0x80在gmail.com>:
> grub在安装的时候可以安装在MBR里面,也可以安装在分区引导里面。
> grub中这两种安装方法安装之后,在电脑启动的过程中有什么不同。
> 安装在MBR上,是不是先进入MBR,然后直接加载grub程序
> 安装在其他分区引导里,是不是先进入MBR,然后跳到分区引导,再加载grub程序。
> 谁能详细解释下阿。
> twang
> fedora user
> 于 2012年02月26日 09:39, 杜宏羽 写道:
>> 你可以把问题说的明确点么?
>> 在 2012年2月25日星期六,twang 写道:
>>> 请问grub安装在MBR与其他盘引导分区里面,他们之间启动过程有什么不同。
>>> 对这个问题一直很模糊。
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