[FZH] Question regarding LiveCD and install to Hard D

Shen-En Chen dreamcarrior at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 17:17:22 UTC 2012

Thank you Tiansworld,

I did not know that OpenOffice is now libreoffice, and I will install that
instead. For ssh, I found that the LiveCD installed version already has it,
but I need to do service sshd start to initiate it. Later I found that I
need to use systemctl to start and enable these services. I am wondering
how I can make these services to initiate at boot. This LiveCD install is
very different from previous DVD image install. chkconfig no longer works.

Also, after a couple of hours, I found sshd crashes, and I am not able to
connect to that computer through ssh. I feel that sshd is fairly unstable
in this LiveCD install, since sshd in Fedora 14 on the same machine is
pretty stable for months.

Does anyone using LiveCD installs have the same problem as I do?

Thanks guys!

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