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Simon Yan simonyan at fedoraproject.org
Wed Sep 19 09:23:03 UTC 2012


Job description: 	
1. Investigates and resolves simple support issues independently and
2. Investigates and resolves moderately complex support issues that
require thorough knowledge of product features with the help of more
senior support specialists.
3. Identifies product defects based on product design and customer issues.
4. Uses workaround and patches correctly and designs new workaround
solutions that require good knowledge of user environment and
5. Develops KnowledgeBase, procedures and support tools to improve
support quality and productivity.
6. Able to work on critical customer issues and hot-line support
issues with guidance of more senior engineers
7. Performs code instrumentation or fixing at source code level for
non-complex problems.

 A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
 Good system-level usage experience on Unix/Linux and/or Windows.
 Experience in operating across multiple computer platforms and environments.
 Good understanding of product feature design and good skills in
explaining product behaviours and features to customers effectively.
 Good communication skills and interpersonal skills – able to work
with customers and people from other departments like Client Services,
Sales and Development.
 Good understanding of support process, product maintenance process
and some knowledge of software development process.
 Good ability in problem troubleshooting, analysis and solution.
 Demonstrated good productivity and quality results at customer issue
 Ability to raise alarms for potential customer situations or escalations.

2012/9/17 xie yunpeng <woqimingweipeng at gmail.com>:
> 前一段时间找工作的时候考虑过,现在已经现在已经跳了,转做开发了
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