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Yuan Yijun bbbush.yuan at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 13:36:00 UTC 2013

I am sure Christopher Meng can do better than me (the fedora-zh.org is not
well maintained indeed). He is more active than most people here. He works
on multiple projects with full passion, and has grown up a lot since the
first day.

And he has a plan, though not well communicated. To get financial support
from the community, better let people know what the goal is, what kind of
change the new site will bring.

I think part of CM's plan is to import some data and site structure from
fedora-zh.org. The data is rather limited, some news were contributed by CM
himself. The BBS software is non-free, so I am sure he wants to replace as
well. The planet script has been suspended for long time. The domain is not
so cool to him, esp. the "-zh" part in domain name.

BTW I don't think you can get "fedora.cn" (".cn" is not cool to me) without
a reasonable price, as the owner (Mr. Huang) has taken it for many years.

My stand is not changed: any new site is welcome. Previously I believed no
Fedora contributors should pretend his/her website to be "official",
because that would be to the detriment of other websites. I said we don't
know it is good or bad. Now I still hold the same belief. To add something
new, "forking" a website is also a good idea.

I have no idea about the rest of his greater plan. Please don't hesitate to
give him more inputs, but do not reject the idea as a whole.

Best regards,

2013/9/2 Liang Suilong <liangsuilong在gmail.com>

> 先计划再行动,比盲目行动,有更高的成功概率,尤其是在社区基础设施的建设上。
> 目前服务器的管理权都在您手上,在把社区朋友的贡献成果都放在服务器上,以及把社区网站放置到服务器上以后,如果某天机器出现故障,而您又忙于各种事情或刚好出外旅游,请问谁能够联系机房或登录服务器恢复网站呢?如果某天您忘记给机器续费,或许某天您玩腻了不再续费,社区成员的数据又如何处置呢?各种权属责任问题,是否应该在服务器提供服务之前,需要釐定清楚呢?
> 请问这个是属于社区的服务器,还是您自己的服务器?我目前看到的是“Fedora 中文组服务器”。
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> On Sep 2, 2013 6:32 PM, "Christopher Meng" <cickumqt在gmail.com> wrote:
> > 我最讨厌光说不做的人了。
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> > Fedora中文郵件列表:https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/chinese
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> Fedora中文郵件列表:https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/chinese

bbbush ^_^

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