[FZH] Fedora Chinese Meeting Minutes (2014-08-08)

Zamir Sun zsun at fedoraproject.org
Mon Aug 11 01:25:08 UTC 2014

2014-08-08 22:19 GMT+08:00 Alick Zhao <alick9188在gmail.com>:

> Action Items
> ------------
> * bootingman send out notice about videos
> * alick bootingman check tiansword's video
> * alick zsun gbraad emily finish english event report and publicize
> * zsun reminder missing-slide-speakers and copy slides links from
>   GNOME.Asia wiki to FUDCon wiki
As I checked today, links from 2014.GNOME.Asia now becomes the video
instead of the slides.
Ping BinLi, is there slides link available somewhere  on your website?

> * alick ping badge folks to create the badge design
> * alick create a trac ticket to track the fedocal notification issue
> * write a mail to trans-zh_CN mailing list
> * tiansworld will send a mail to trans-zh_CN mailing list on L10n
>   members activity
> * alick to discuss with gbraad about how we engage in openSUSE.Asia

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