[FZH] Oppertunity of a Lifetime!! The GoldenChase has begun...

Martin van schalkwyk vanschalkwyk.martin4 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 14:11:09 UTC 2014

*Good day*

The Economy getting you down?? Investing you money in a safe place is alway
the safest

Option. Today I would like to share with you, an Investment opportunity I
found whilst Browsing

The Web in general 3Months back, Its called : TheGoldenChase

*The Dwarf Cave : *

Where all the hard working Dwarfs mine the whole day, they never stop
mining at all. The mine

24hours a day, Seven days a Week.  The more Dwarfs you can afford, the more
Crystal you can Earn.

*The “ Storage “:*

Where all the Crystals are Stored so they can be swopped out for Gold Coins
that can be used to buy

More and More Dwarfs, to grow your Dwarf Family and start making a living
of them.

*Daily Bonus : *

You can also earn a Daily Bonus of between 10-100 Gold coins a day, just by
clicking on the

Collect bonus tab.  Your Daily Bonus is Credited instantly. This is great,
cause it helps you in the

Beginning of the game to start somewhere.

*Investing is the key :*

To earn the most you have to invest the most. To be the strongest in the
competition you have to

Beat the best .

*Referral Competition : *

A referral Competition is ran every month, where you stand a chance to win
up to 10 000USD credited to you in Gold, that is if you reach 1st place and
stay there. These competitions are always very difficult to stand your
ground, you have to get others to join under your referral link and invest
in order to get points, leading to you climbing the ladder to success. If
you are interested in trying all you have just read. Just copy and past the
link below in your browser and press ENTER.


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