[FZH] Self-Introduction: Trusty Wolf UTC+9 [Chinese+Japanese+English]

Trusty Wolf trusty at wolf.moe
Sun Mar 20 13:21:21 UTC 2016

Hi all,

    Name: Trusty Wolf
    Location: Tokyo, Japan
    Login: trustywolf
    Language: Chinese
    GPG key: F43D21D5

    I am an university student in China. Now studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan.
    I love Linux and my favourite distribution is Fedora Server.
    I also use CentOS with EPEL repository in some cases with high stability.
    I don't use desktop environment because my NUC Board doesn't have
a Displayport interface. =.=

    For more info, please visit https://trustywolf.fedorapeople.org/

    I think the best way to learn Fedora is to translate it. So I want
to become a Fedora translator and wiki contributor.


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