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--- Comment #1 from David Shea <dshea at redhat.com> ---
A quick glance at xkeyboard-config-2.17/po/zh_CN.po shows the translations for
the strings in question are either untranslated or marked as fuzzy.

: ../rules/base.xml.in.h:470
#, fuzzy
msgid "Left Alt (while pressed)"
msgstr "按下左 Windows 键切换组

#: ../rules/base.xml.in.h:473
msgid "Left Ctrl (to first layout), Right Ctrl (to last layout)"
msgstr ""

#: ../rules/base.xml.in.h:479
#, fuzzy
msgid "Left Win (while pressed)"
msgstr "按下左 Windows 键切换组"

and so on.

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