[fedora-classroom] 3 upcoming Fedora Marketing Classroom sessions

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Sat Mar 27 00:50:19 UTC 2010

On Thu, 25 Mar 2010 16:06:50 -0400
Mel Chua <mel at redhat.com> wrote:

> At the Marketing FAD, one thing we agreed on was that (1) we have a
> lot to learn, and (2) getting cool people into Fedora Classroom to
> teach things so we can document their wisdom for posterity would be
> totally rockin'.

Excellent. ;) 

> Kara Schiltz, Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier, and Sean Daly have all stepped
> up with generous offers to run Fedora Classroom sessions on various 
> Marketing/Brand/PR related topics they have expertises in during the 
> month of April - so this is a heads-up, a quick way to nail the 
> scheduling down, and a chance for people to give feedback on the
> topics coming up. (Are these what folks are interested in? What would
> you like to see/hear? Who would you like to hear from?)
> Thanks to Kara, Zonker, and Sean for offering to spend time with us!

Thats excellent. I have been swamped lately and haven't had time to run
any classes. ;( 

Please do update the wiki and let the list know final scheduling. :) 

> --Mel
> == Kara: PR workflow demystified ==
> Kara: is free in mid-to-late April, so I will propose April 13
> (Tuesday) 
> - if that's not too early in the month. I was thinking either 3-4pm
> EDT or 5-6pm EDT on that day so it comes either right before or after
> our weekly Marketing meeting - Kara, would that be ok with you? If
> not, when would be a good date and time? We're flexible.
> Topic: the existing workflow and decisionmaking process around doing
> PR for Fedora. How do you choose what audiences to target for what
> message about what feature when? Also, what would you like to see for 
> international PR around Fedora (can you help us articulate a target
> that the community can work to hit)?

Sounds like a fun session for sure. 

> == Zonker: How to make life awesome for journalists ==
> Zonker: April 20 (Tuesday) - he can do anytime between 9am-6pm EDT,
> but I'm also going to propose either 3-4pm EDT or 5-6pm EDT for this
> one. (Zonker, your pick - and if neither works for you,
> counterpropose.)
> Topic: what does the distro release PR process look like from the 
> perspective of a journalist, and what are the things we (as a
> project's marketing team) can do to make life easier for you (the
> journalist)?

Also interesting... Would love to get a glimse into this side of

> == Sean:
> Sean: Would April 27 (Tuesday) work for you? The timing might be more 
> difficult because Sean is in France (iirc) and so our normal
> Marketing meeting time is quite late in the evening for him. Sean, if
> 3-4pm EDT (1900 UTC) on that date would work for you, that would be
> great - if not, perhaps immediately after your Sugar Labs marketing
> meeting, which I believe would be 16:00 UTC? (If neither works for
> you, counterpropose.)
> Topic: Fedora marketing business case - explore what the targets,
> brand values, and priorities are. (This ties in nicely with what
> Nelson has been working on, and I think will bring us full-circle
> just in time to think about F14 going forward.)


Thanks everyone!

I look forward to these classes!


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