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Mon Jan 17 10:17:34 UTC 2011

El dom, 16-01-2011 a las 11:52 -0700, Kevin Fenzi escribió:
> On Sat, 15 Jan 2011 20:59:31 -0600
> Jesús Franco <jefrancomix at gmail.com> wrote:
> > FYI, i've started a similar quest, and i'd like to share with you:
> > http://blogs.fedoraproject.org/wp/escuela/2010/11/05/where-should-we-begin-%c2%bfpor-donde-comenzamos/
> Interesting post. ;) 

Nice you say so :)
> I think moodle can work well with irc and other media classes. You
> could have the irc class part be a 'workshop' for the more formal
> moodle class, or a hands-on session about some particular unit or the
> like. ;) 

I've thougt a little about which kind of sessions could fit well. They
should be short, useful for users and contributors, and reusable as
modules to courses apart from "standalone" classes.

Let me think aloud on examples of tools worth to learn, and fruitful at
its very beginning, i think we can schedule if we get teachers for that.

= GIT =

It's very spread its use in Fedora, and not just for developers,
translators, writers, even designers. We can run 1-2 hands-on sessions
with stuff like:

** Create your repo in your fedorapeople space; (github as fallback?)
** Share it with your first contributors;
** Commit, commit, commit! And don't forget push.
** Clone a friend's repo and play together!
** Create a branch and change things all around.
** Are you lost? Just reset!
** Howto mix a friend's changes with your work (patches and merges).
** Explore everything as you like and share it with the world. (GUIS)

== Kinda of follow-up ==

*** Moodle-forums could serve to exploring deeply on our students
figuring out how to get some things done; hopefully helping each other.

= PUBLICAN-Docbook =

Of course this would demand a deep course by its own, and i'm pretty
sure it would be a way to get more people confident to contribute to
docs project guides. Meanwhile, for a single workshop:

** Write your first Article in Publican.
*** Essential concepts and tags.

== Possible follow-ups ==

I wonder if after an IRC class could fit one or several gobby sessions
to let people hack together with their first attempts.

Another possibility i think, could be link it to classes on git:
** Share your doc in a git repo and try a proofreading of your work.
** Don't forget add friends to play together and helping each other.
** Play seriously: clone a docs.fp.o guide's repo and test your skills.

And again, using Moodle, people could engage in a group and try for
everyone produce a first formal doc, with oversight of an skilled
writer; or by teams work in user/contributor documentation for Fedora.

Even another follow up could be creating themes for Publican, i'm
thinking on speed up the edition process for things like Fedora Latam
Magazine, because we are actually stalled on the design on Scribus
because just one person is working on it.

Or, why not?

= A hands on session of basics of Scribus =

And followup in moodle forums/more IRC meetings for exploring deeping
into the tricks of this tool. Also fits with learning git ;)

= Alternatives to PDF/slideshare to slideshows online =

I really, really hate when people on 'FLOSS' seems unable to share
outside of Flash their stuff:

** JessyInk (extension installed with default Fedora Inkscape)
** s5
** More magic based just on open standards: XML + JavaScript

IMHO, this is really worth to work on it; Fedora Websites and another
design team work are a good example of how good can we do, without
flashy and another closed-source crap.

> Hopefully we can get some irc classes going as well as adding more
> things like moodle into the mix. 
> kevin

All this said, i could help right now in:

* Git, first one-two beginner sessions and possible follow-ups.
* Scribus first hacks.
* JessyInk and s5.
* Gobby for paired-s/programming/writing/ sessions.

So, which people is going to jump in to say:

"I'd be glad to share what i know in our Fedora Classrooms!"


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