[fedora-classroom] Workshop on Git (+gobby), next February 2, 21:00 UTC

Jesús Franco tezcatl at fedoraproject.org
Fri Jan 28 08:21:47 UTC 2011

Hi classmates :)

I'm from a group of latinamerican contributors of Fedora, and we are
working from last year on the making of a magazine about Fedora for
spanish-speakers (or at least readers)[0]. We are moving our workflow
from e-mail and wikis, to more agile tools: project management with
Redmine(and maybe Trac), and Git for source control.

We are on the beginning of learning Git, so, we are going to host a
class on the basics of Git, this next Wednesday on our #fedora-classroom
on freenode, at 21:00 UTC. Practical hands-on session, as Kevin Fenzi
suggested, instead of booooring conference (as my last class about
Redmine :D).

We must to do these disclaimers:

* I'm not an expert on Git, but i've gained a little bit of experience
through collaboration on Docs and L10n projects, and i've managed enough
on repo on fedorahosted (on fedorapeople personal repos, too), to drive
the workshop, on the basics of cloning a repo, making contributions, and
staying synchronized with the work of the team. I'm going to use the
most basic commands, and as reference a little bit of chapters 2-3 of
"Git Magic" [1]

* We are going to drive our class in Spanish, for ease of communication.
I'm sorry for people not reading our language, but maybe some commands
we are going to run as example, you could follow and share with us your
doubts in English (we don't write it so well, but reading yes, so may be
we can help you anyway).

* In contrast to last class about Redmine, aimed to Latam Ambassadors,
and since we didn't reach advanced topics, and everything we talked is
covered on the Redmine official guide; This is a tool of interest to
other people on Fedora, and we'll translate to English to give you as
reference for future (and hopefully more advanced workshops) about Git.

* We are going to jump a little bit on Gobby as tool for collaborative
writing, but it's only a plus on the class.

* Also, the goal is implementing our workflow for writing articles,
designing the magazine and so on, in our real repo, so, if you'd like to
try with your own fedorapeople repo, it's alright and we can help you,
since if you get in trouble, your feedback and finding together the
solution, will be useful for everyone attending the class, or reading
the logs.

* Finally, we are going to use a bunch of graphics trying to give more
visual reality of what we are going to do in the commands to type. We
will use JessyInk as standard tool, very ease to translate that, since
the SVGs can be edited even in a simple text editor.

So, i hope this can be useful for you too in a near future. Of course,
if you have some knowledge about more advanced topics, we would like a
lot to hear from your thoughts and attending your class if you have a
spare time to host one.

Best regards.

Salud, tierra y libertad
Jesús Franco http://identi.ca/tzk

[0] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/RevistaFedora/Reportes
[1] http://www-cs-students.stanford.edu/~blynn/gitmagic/

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