custom (ebs backed) Fedora 14 AMIs

Brian LaMere brian at
Sat Dec 4 00:28:07 UTC 2010

Greetings all - just wanted to let you know I made a couple tweeks to the
very very simple, very non-professional, non-bulletproof
"" script.  You can find slightly longer instructions

The steps are relatively simple.

1)  create an instance from the official AMI (or anywhere else, really)
2)  create a new volume, whatever size (at least 2g or so) and mount it at
3)  run the script
4)  snapshot the volume
5)  register an AMI with the snapshot and the pvgrub hd0 aki

It's a simple script; even a novice can tell what is going on.  The sources
are all from Fedora, and nothing funny is happening.   This is the
low-speed, "I don't know boxgrinder, I don't have a machine I can run xen on
anyway, I want to know what is on the image" approach.

That said, I *heartily* recommend using jforbes' AMIs instead; he'll have
EBS-backed AMIs soon, I'm sure.  This is only for those who want to play, or
need an ebs image today.  Or, if you're really crazy, it's for people who
want to look at getting rawhide on ec2!

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