Kernel warning when mounting XFS volumes

Ryan Campbell ryan.campbell at
Tue Dec 7 17:03:18 UTC 2010

On the 32 bit AMI for Fedora 14, I get the following warning in
/var/log/messages when mounting XFS volumes:

To reproduce:
# spin up 32 bit ami on m1.small and login
$ yum install xfsprogs syslog
$ umount /mnt
$ mkfs.xfs /dev/xvda2  #IIRC, or else whatever was mounted to /mnt
$ mount /dev/xvda2 /mnt
# see the warning in /var/log/messages

In the logs, you'll see this stack trace several times after mounting
an XFS volume, either from ephermeral/instance storage or an EBS
volume.  It does not occur when you mount a loop device formatted as
XFS, nor does it occur with any other filesystem that I've seen.

The error does not occur on the x86_64 architecture.

It has the same message as mentioned at the top of but further reading
of that issue does not make me think it's the same problem.  I would
imagine this same issue occurs running in any Xen environment where
the domU is a recent kernel, but I don't have a way to verify this.

Is this a bug?  If so, what component should I enter it under?


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