ANNOUNCE: New Deltacloud Cloud Engine release

Mike Orazi morazi at
Thu Dec 16 04:24:06 UTC 2010


We are pleased to announce a new release of Deltacloud Cloud Engine.
This is an incremental release with some updates to the pre-beta release 
made available in November.  Some of the key updates include:

   * Code refactoring and bug fixes for Provider views
   * Code refactoring and bug fixes for Accounts views
   * Code refactoring and bug fixes for Users views
   * Support for mapping between Provider Hardware Profiles and Aeolus 
Hardware Profiles
   * Object Browser Initial Layout

Deltacloud Cloud Engine (formerly Deltacloud Aggregator) provides a web 
UI in front of the Deltacloud API to allow for the management and 
monitoring of cloud images across multiple providers.

If you are interested in taking Cloud Engine for a spin, installation 
instructions [1] and a usage guide [2] are available to help you get 

Bug reports can be filed under the 'Cloud Engine' component at  There is a a project contributor [3] page that 
will help you get involved in testing, documenting, reporting issues, 
and contributing code patches to the project.



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