David Huff dhuff at redhat.com
Mon Feb 8 21:58:12 UTC 2010

Ok, as promised here is a first pass at a base ks file for the Fedora 
EC2 image.  I went with AOS as base and added a couple packages. Total 
size is ~ 425M w/ 164 packages on a 650M disk image*.


The image has dhcp, selinux, yum, openssh, and couple other packages 
necessary to launch an ec2 instance, log in remotely, and add additional 
packages and configuration(a base usecase for testing an ec2 image).

This ks file writes a custom fstab compatible w/ the ec2 infrastructure, 
adds the ssh key stuff to rc.local, and enables sshd for remote long in. 
It also creates an initrd image and moves it plus the vmlinuz image 
outside of the images to be bundled and uploaded separately after image 
creation.  I went this route so you build all three images at once for 

Workflow to build images....
1. download ks file
2. mkdir ./include
3. run appliance-creator** -c Fedora-EC2-min.ks -i ./include -p tar.gz 
-o /out/put/dir
4. rm ./include

This will produce a tarball with three images, rawdisk image, vmlinuz, 
and initrd.img.

Workflow for the whole process would be something like this......
1. run appliance-creator to build images(above)
   a. bundle ramdisk + kernel
   b. upload ramdisk + kernel
   c. register ramdisk + kernel to get aki and ari numbers
2. bundle AMI
   a. include aki and ari numbers form above
3. upload AMI
4. register AMI
5. make public

This has not be really tested, as the kernels are not available to 
launch an image, comments/suggestions welcome


* The stock image may get small as I am currently working with the 
fedora spin guys on a smaller Fedroa-min.ks and hope to merge the aos.ks 
with that.

** There are currently a couple bugs in AC which may throw errors in 
F12, look for a new package in updates-testing soon!! or ping me for a 

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