Fedora 13 on EC2

Marek Goldmann mgoldman at redhat.com
Wed Jul 14 19:55:52 UTC 2010

In short: it works!

== Wait, what?

Recently Amazon released new AKI images with PvGrub [1] which enables running kernels shipped with AMI instead of selecting AKI/ARI pair available on Amazon.


== How I can create my Fedora 13 image to run on EC2?

This week I added support (with David's help!) for Fedora 13 for EC2 to BoxGrinder [2], BoxGrinder is a tool for creating appliances (virtual machines) for various virtual environments (Xen, KVM, VMware, EC2). You can learn more about BoxGrinder reading the documentation [3]. New BoxGrinder Build version which has Fedora 13 support backed in, will be released this week! Feel free to watch our blog [4].

I used the following definition:

name: jeos-f13
summary: Just Enough Operating System based on Fedora 13
 name: fedora
 version: 13
     size: 2
   - bash
   - kernel-PAE
   - grub
   - e2fsprogs
   - passwd
   - policycoreutils
   - chkconfig
   - rootfiles
   - yum
   - vim-minimal
   - acpid
   - dhclient
   - iputils
   - openssh-server
   - openssh-clients
   - system-config-firewall-base

If you want still use kickstarts, Huff will provide a jeos kickstart file too, right?

== Is there a Fedora 13 AMI available NOW?

Yes, you can use this AMI:


Bear in mind: this is only a temporary 32 bit version. I'll create new JEOS images for 32 and 64 bit this week, stay tuned.

So, take care and test the image!

[1] http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/PvGrub
[2] http://www.jboss.org/stormgrind/projects/boxgrinder.html
[3] http://community.jboss.org/wiki/BoxGrinderDocumentation
[4] http://cloudpress.org/


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