"default virt server"

Garrett Holmstrom gholms at fedoraproject.org
Tue Mar 2 02:19:13 UTC 2010

On 3/1/2010 19:14, Mike McGrath wrote:
> How does Amazon keep their images up to date?  On a 0 day kernel exploit,
> the first place I'd turn is the amazon ip space.

EC2 doesn't lend itself well to kernel updates.  EBS-backed instances 
aren't really problematic because one only needs to update kernel 
packages, stop the instances, change kernels+initramfs images to newer 
ones that Fedora has presumably already made available, and then restart 

Instances that don't have EBS-backed root filesystems can't be stopped, 
and termination destroys them utterly.  So one has to either rebundle 
Fedora's image as one backed by EBS or start up a new instance with the 
new kernel+initramfs, move everything over, then terminate the old one.

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