"default virt server"

Colin Walters walters at verbum.org
Sun Mar 14 17:54:33 UTC 2010

On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 12:06 PM, Colin Walters <walters at verbum.org> wrote:

>> Maybe we could have a generic kickstart for all VM images and then %include it in all the vendor-specific (e.g., EC2) kickstarts, which contain the bits that aren't portable between environments.
> Yes.  Ok, so can we agree that this should live in spin-kickstarts?
> Does the current cloud SIG have commit access there, and if not, can
> you guys get it?

I went ahead and Just Did It:


Still hoping that we can get separate patches in spin-kickstarts for:

1) Truly EC2 specific stuff, like setting up the fstab
2) Generic minimization - removing localization, wireless networking

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