Analysis of Ubuntu's Cloud-Utils package

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at
Sat Mar 27 01:02:44 UTC 2010

Promised this for Friday and its still barely that here :).

This package is currently a set of scripts to allow Ubuntu's Cloud
members to create, deploy, and manipulate Eucalyptis virtual images.
Code is GPLv3  and the package is done in Debian style (which is
starting to grow on me as an equivalent to sysv.d type building.) The
code is all shell scripts and man pages. I really appreciate coders
who take the time to do a man page even for a simple shell script.
Description of programs are taken from man page. [Code could do with
more comments to help analysis :).. but for the most part is

ssh-import-lp-id  # retrieve one or more public keys from and append them to the current user’s authorized_keys

uec-publish-image # publish a cloud image using euca-tools.

uec-publish-tarball # publish the tar ball using euca-tools.

uec-query-builds # request  information  about available cloud images builds

uec-resize-image # resize a cloud image. # basically it does the right
things to resize using euca-tools.

The package of course could be opened up to further cloud type
engines. For us, we would look at ssh-import-lp-id from FAS or
something but boy that seems like a security issue somewhere (hey look
mah, I can just add my p0wn address from FAS/launchpad.) However, that
is just a gut feeling and will probably fail a real risk analysis.

Stephen J Smoogen.

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