EC2 mirror infrastructure proposal

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Mon Oct 4 04:20:34 UTC 2010

are we thinking of one mirror per region, or one mirror per availability zone (multiple per region) ?  Data transfer within a zone is free, within a region is $0.01/GB unless we can get that waived too.

I patched MM tonight (not in production yet) to take the URL query arg &zone={something}, which we'll look up in the database, and return at the top of the mirrorlist.  But then I remembered the distinction between zones and regions in AWS terminology, and while MM can deviate from that if necessary, I don't want to make it more confusing that necessary.

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Subject: RFC:  EC2 mirror infrastructure proposal

I would like to ask for feedback on a proposal I wrote [0] for how we
could run a package mirror system on S3.  It would be useful if everyone
read it before the meeting so we can discuss it.  This is a draft, so I
would appreciate constructive feedback on the mailing list and/or IRC

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