Free Amazon AWS

Jon Masters jonathan at
Tue Oct 26 14:43:27 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2010-10-22 at 14:34 +0100, Peter Robinson wrote:

> For those that are interested in playing with the Amazon cloud
> (presumably with the new Fedora 14 ami ;-) ) Amazon is introducing an
> AWS Free Usage Tier from Nov 1. Details here

I actually wanted to play with the Fedora 14 bits over the weekend, but
was unable to find the AMI IDs on the wiki or in a search. I gave up and
used other distribution since I didn't feel like making my own image,
but I'd love to know if these official ones are up any time soon :)

I was testing doing kernel builds using EC2, and I'd not really poked
with pv-grub or SBS, but there's a lot of fun in EC2 now.


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