Hey Cloud SIG, let's start talking about F15.

Garrett Holmstrom gholms at fedoraproject.org
Fri Oct 29 20:07:11 UTC 2010

On 10/29/2010 12:50, Brian LaMere wrote:
>     * Eucalyptus - obino has been looking for some mentorship as far as
>     packaging goes. If there are folks around to help out with this, I
>     think it would be awesome to have as a feature.  Is anyone willing to
>     help out here? http://open.eucalyptus.com/
> I'm really excited to see their interest in Fedora.
> Unfortunately, I can't mentor, since I'm not a packager myself ;)  I
> will go help review the two packages mentioned in the meeting, for my
> journey down that road.  I can't atm justify working on things too far
> out of stuff that is relevant for my daily work; my employer is very
> supportive of OSS, but not if it means they're paying me to work on
> something completely irrelevant to my job ;)  So I've had a problem
> finding things to review.  I have a couple packages I could look at
> trying to get in that are smaller, and am willing to help them out on
> this...just not as a mentor.  Eucalyptus is something I wanted to use in
> the past, but didn't because it wasn't immediately Fedora-happy; if a
> time-saving tool doesn't save time, then I can't use it.  I *can* help
> develop it (on my company's timeclock) to be Fedora happy though, if
> it's something that they're doing - so I'm very on board with helping there.

The Eucalyptus people are very interested in getting help with that; 
their biggest problem has been a lack of manpower.  They're even hiring 
me to, among other things, do just that.  ;)

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