Eucalyptus 2.0 and Fedora

Garrett Holmstrom gholms at
Wed Sep 1 04:07:23 UTC 2010

On 31-Aug-10 20:37, graziano obertelli wrote:
> we would love to be able to coordinate with Fedora about Fedora's and our
> releases and web page (where to file bugs and where to find packages): are
> you the right person to coordinate with?

I maintain Fedora's euca2ools package, so I ultimately see all of the 
bug reports raised against it on Red Hat's Bugzilla [0].  When people 
file bug reports against Fedora's package I usually forward it upstream 
and then try to backport the resulting fix into Fedora's package.  While 
I typically wait for stable upstream releases before looking into adding 
features, I can try to accommodate RFEs as well.  If you need something 
fixed that is the best place to send communications.  For other 
cloud-related things this list is probably better.

Where possible, please direct people to their systems' native package 
managers (e.g. yum or PackageKit in Fedora) instead of offering binaries 
via the Eucalyptus web site.  This reduces confusion for me as a package 
maintainer since I don't have to worry about where someone's software 
came from, and for the Eucalyptus people since it's one less 
distribution to build for.

At one point someone looked into packaging Eucalyptus, though it cannot 
make it into Fedora until all of its dependencies are broken out into 
separate packages and it doesn't bundle any JAR files.  Since there is 
currently no Fedora package for Eucalyptus, this mailing list is 
probably the best point of contact for work on getting it packaged.

> We already have one engineer looking into the euca2ools packages. He
> already reached out to the euca2ools packages and we hope to have only one
> package soon.

I assume you are referring to Mitch Garnatt here, who I contacted 
independently a few days ago.  ;-)  The notion of "only one package" is 
a bad idea for binaries since different distributions have different 
conventions and software versions.  Having one spec file that supports 
multiple distributions is definitely possible, though.  I discussed this 
a bit with Mitch.  For licensing reasons I cannot simply provide you 
with a spec file that does what you need, though I am happy to provide 

Ideally, Eucalyptus will not provide any binaries at all, but instead 
have packages included in distributions' package repositories.  This 
would render upstream-provided spec files and packages meaningless.  For 
instance, as a Fedora packager I cannot use the euca2ools spec file 
included with its source because I must maintain my own spec file in 
Fedora's version control system.

> How do you think we should proceed for Eucalyptus? Is it possible to have
> a 'mentor' to help us get Eucalyptus into Fedora?

I would first work on breaking the dependencies into separate packages 
and make sure it is possible to build Eucalyptus in its entirety from 
source without the need for JAR files.  I personally don't have much 
experience with Java packaging, but you can also direct questions to 
either Fedora's packaging list [1] or this list.  There are plenty of 
people who can help.

[1] packaging at

Garrett Holmstrom

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