OpenStack packaging progress

Mark McLoughlin markmc at
Fri Aug 19 14:40:37 UTC 2011


Since this effort stalled again recently, I've done some work to try and
push it along.

The details are on the wiki page:

But to summarize, I have:

  * Submitted package review requests for openstack-glance and 

  * Hopefully gotten openstack-nova closer to the packaging guidelines:

  * Set up a repo with packages for Fedora 16 and posted a "getting 
    started" wiki page

  * Documented the TODO list:

What you can do to help:

  * Review the nova, novaclient and glance packages. Pretty please :)

  * Volunteer to co-maintain the packages

  * Try out the "getting started" instructions and point out any problems

  * Help out with the TODO list - e.g. building minimal Fedora images 
    or packaging python-xattr

  * Do something more non-trivial with Nova, document it on the wiki 
    and report the inevitable problems you run into

All the groundwork here was done here by the folks from Mirantis and
Grid Dynamics, as well as Silas Sewell, David Nalley and Matt Domsch -
so kudos all around.


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