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Tue Aug 23 20:53:16 UTC 2011

On 08/23/2011 01:19 PM, Mo Morsi wrote:
> On 08/22/2011 02:52 PM, David Nalley wrote:
>> On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 2:00 PM, Bill Nottingham<notting at>   wrote:
>>> The HekaFS maintainers were looking for a appropriate group for their
>>> package. I was thinking that perhaps having a 'cloud infrastructure'
>>> or 'cloud support' group might be the best place, but we don't have
>>> one of those, and I'm not sure what all packages should be in it.
>>> Would someone fom the Cloud SIG like to take a stab at it?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Bill
>> While I am happy to do this, haven't we already hit string freeze for
>> F16 (August 2nd per the schedule)? So we are talking about
>> If I were to do so I think I'd put the following in the group:
>> eucatools
>> aeolus
>> deltacloud
>> sheepdog
>> ceph
>> glusterfs
>> hekafs
>> boxgrinder
>> What else??
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> aeolus-all
> aeolus-conductor
> aeolus-configure
> rubygem-aeolus-image
> rubygem-imagefactory-console
> imagefactory
> iwhd
> deltacloud-core
> libdeltacloud
> python-cloudservers
> rubygem-amazon-ec2
> rubygem-aws
>     -Mo
So while I have nothing else to contribute to this thread as far as 
package names - I just want to note that a sizeable chunk of what we 
listed wasn't in Fedora at *all* a year ago.

Nice work, folks. :) We've come a long way!

Let me ask this question, though: I know that we have folks working on 
packaging at least the following (and their dependencies), and I'm 
hoping they'll be more done-ish in the next few weeks/months/before F17 
is out the door:
* opennebula
* openstack
* cloudstack

What's the protocol for getting these added to the master list when they 
are finished? Does someone need to own that, or do we just harass 
notting when it's time, or... ?


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