Aeolus on F15 screencast (thanks, Mo!) and MY CHALLENGE TO YOU

Robyn Bergeron rbergero at
Tue Aug 30 05:17:39 UTC 2011

Just thought I'd draw some love and attention to the recent screencast 
mmorsi put together showing Aeolus on F15:

Blog post here -
Screencast here -

Handily, he's also made a nice how-to-screencast blog post:

This, as you might have guessed by now, leads to... MY CHALLENGE TO YOU, 
Cloud SIG friends:

F16 is due out in mere months - which means press is going to start 
focusing in on what's new in Fedora.  If F15 press was any indication 
(ooh! Shiny Cloud Things!), I expect we'll be drawing more attention 
with the additional cloud pieces we now have.  I think that running a 
mini-series of blogposts featuring screencasts of some of our Cloudy 
Features would be excellent.

If we can get at least three more screencasts on any of the following 

* pacemaker-cloud
* sheepdog
* condor-cloud
* HekaFS
* Additional cloudy things in Fedora that aren't features or are past 
features (BoxGrinder, OpenStack, Fedora on EC2)

... I will make MY OWN SCREENCAST of myself attempting to do Something 
Technical and Cloud-Related, probably along the lines of "Will it 
Blend?" but titled, "Can She Cloud?" ... or something like that. In 
fact, I might just leave it to everyone else's discretion what it is 
that I have to do.  (Bounded by the line of, IT HAS TO BE CLOUD RELATED, 
of course.) Which could be fun. Or utterly embarrassing. But hopefully 
educational in some way.   But first, there must be Other Screencasts.

Do I hear any volunteers willing to make a screencast yet? :)


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