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Denis Arnaud denis.arnaud_fedora at m4x.org
Wed Dec 7 13:46:18 UTC 2011


RedHat-hosted Koji servers offer an invaluable service by allowing all of
us, package maintainers, to build all of "our" Fedora packages. I guess
that that infrastructure is not cost-less for RedHat and and the quality of
service is great (for instance, the wait in the queues, before Koji
actually builds the packages submitted via the command-line client, is not
so long).

As Fedora is pretty advanced in the cloud/virtualisation arena, we could
imagine a "Koji Cloud", hosted on VMs offered by volunteers. For instance,
I could contribute a few VMs in Europe (hosted on http://www.ovh.co.uk/).
Our Cloud SIG (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Cloud_SIG) and/or Virt ML (
https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/virt and
ET (http://et.redhat.com/) colleagues could help designing and implementing
the following infrastructure:
 * VM template/images, ready to be started on the volunteer's servers
everywhere in the world, 24x7.
    - SSH public keys of Koji administrators would be part of the images,
so that they can have an easy access to them, just in case.
    - Those VMs would update themselves automatically.
    - The containers could be standardised as well. For instance,
ProxMox/OpenVZ or Fedora/CentOS with libvirt.
 * A directory (LDAP, or something less centralised, like the address book
of Skype, for instance), keeping track of all those VMs:
    - with the corresponding last known status;
    - with the VM configurations (Fedora/CentOS release, CPU, memory, disk
usage, etc);
    - with some rating corresponding to their quality of service (build
duration, reliability of the VM, MTBF, etc).
 * A dispatcher system:
    - which would route the Koji build requests to available VMs;
    - collect the outcome of the builds (logs, RPM packages, statistics,
QoS, etc) and store them in the current ("centralised") Koji infrastructure.

As I am not a specialist of all those technologies, I may have forgotten a
lot of things, but you get the idea.
Doesn't it sound great? Does it sound realisable? Am I crazy to dream to
such an infrastructure?


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