trouble building F16 ami on meta-appliance

Marek Goldmann mgoldman at
Mon Dec 12 07:41:01 UTC 2011


As Dennis said - BoxGrinder is meant to use .appl files, not kickstart files, therefore you get this error. You can read more about how to use BoxGrinder on its homepage:

P.S. Although we have support for kickstart files at some extent, this feature most probably will be removed in next major BoxGrinder version as it introduces confusion (as you can see above) and is too hard to maintain.


On 12 gru 2011, at 00:44, sean darcy wrote:

> Following
> Launched an instance of boxgrinder-meta/fedora/15/1.6/i686 (ami-08a45f61)
> Setup .boxgrinder/config:
> plugins:
>   ebs:
>     access_key: <>                  # required
>     secret_access_key: <>  # required
>     account_number: <>                # required
>     delete_on_termination: false                      # default: true
> Got fedora-16-i386-ec2.ks from git:// / 
> cloud-kickstarts.git
> Ran:  boxgrinder-build fedora-16-i386-ec2.ks -p ec2 -d ebs

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