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Boris Filippov bfilippov at griddynamics.com
Wed Dec 14 14:36:39 UTC 2011

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From: Boris Filippov <bfilippov at griddynamics.com>
Date: 2011/12/14
Subject: griddynamics patches
To: Mark McLoughlin <markmc at redhat.com>

Hi, Mark!
I've selected some patches (all of them are bugfixes spotted by my
coworkers while using OpenStack):

Fix driver.spawn call in server rebuild command. (Compare to mutual call in

Add ability to restart cloudpipe instance (diassociate it's IP immediately)

Fix vpn spawn command:

Delete IPs associated with network on network delete

You can view it one by one, start from first one. I can file according bugs
and ask colleagues to provide more info on each commit.
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