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Sat Dec 17 17:36:22 UTC 2011

On 12/14/2011 04:15 AM, Oved Ourfalli wrote:
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>> Hi Oved,
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>> From: Oved Ourfalli < ovedo at redhat.com >
>> We didn't submit anything yet. We are just in the beginning of the
>> process.
>> All we have for now is the oVirt wiki page.
>> We are happy to have you as our sponsor.
>> Steven - we'll be also happy to have you as a reviewer to our
>> packages as well.
>> We'll keep you all posted to changes in the wiki, and new submission
>> of spec files for the different packages.
>> Thank you,
>> Oved
>> I'd be happy to be in copy of the review requests as well. I am not a
>> sponsor, but I can do formal reviews (I just cannot approve a
>> package for a first-time/non-sponsored packager).
> Sure, we'll send it to you as well.

It isn't sent to us.  A few Wiki pointers I'd recommend reading are in
this email.

First off, you will want to join the package maintainers:


Only a few people can sponsor new packagers (David being one).  Usually
you will be required to package something unrelated to what your working
on to show you are a competent packager.

Then you will want to make your packages as per:


You will want to do a self-review so the review and repair process
doesn't take a long time:


The next step after this is to request a package review (on a mailing
list).  Typically this is done as a review swap (you review mine, I
review yours) or sometimes people just feel helpful and do review
without swap.

Note until your in the packaging group, only proven packagers can review
your packages. (ie: David, there are others).


> Thank you,
> Oved
>> Best Regards
>> Denis
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