sd devices on FC14 AMI not valid?

David HM Spector spector at
Thu Feb 10 01:49:43 UTC 2011

I am trying to get an attached EBS volume to mount on a customized (ots of php and rails packages) version of the FC14 AMI.
It seems the sd devices aren't made by default; but even once they're made, mount refuses to mount the volume
saying " /dev/sdf is not a valid block device"   Its a an ext3 filesystem so nothing novel there.  

Everything works fine on my older instances with the same scripts; I can get he EBS volume to attach to the instance (I have 
some custom ruby scripts that work at startup to attach vol ids passed as user data) and the perms/maj/min device numbers
look OK too (as one would expect from MAKEDEV). 

 Anything obvious I am missing?  

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