status of getting aeolus conductor into Fedora

Mo Morsi mmorsi at
Fri Jul 15 14:40:08 UTC 2011

The following are the current outstanding BZs relating to getting the
aeolus conductor into Fedora. Note that there are other aeolus
components w/ their respective dependencies making their way into Fedora
after the conductor.

- #719067 - hmac reviewed, update needed
- #719975 - chunky_png  reviewed, update needed

- #644809 - webrat approved, needs git request and to be pushed
- #713159 - rbvmomi approved, needs git request and to be pushed
- #706934 - rspec-rails, approved, git done, just needs to be pushed

- #668820 - rdoc submission updated, review needed
- #721057 - rubygem-sass submission updated, review needed
- #721059 - rubygem-dynamic_form submission updated, review needed
- #721063 - rubygem-factory_girl_rails  updated, review needed
- #721066 - rubygem-image_factory_console updated, review needed
- #721069 - rubygem-aeolus-cli submission updated,review needed
- #721078 - aeolus-conductor review needed

Additionally a Rails 3 conductor patchset is en route, any assistance in
getting that reviewed and pushed into the codebase would be more than

Finally, there are a few gems in Fedora including haml and the Rails
components themselves which will need additional tweaking as things get
stabilized with the codebase. Most likely this will be handled on a
case-by-case basis as things are discovered.

That's about it for now, any help getting this done before the F16
deadline would be more than appreciated!


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