Fedora S3 Backed AMIs

Tim Flink tflink at redhat.com
Thu Jul 28 15:36:56 UTC 2011

As I'm learning more about EC2 and AMIs, I'm wondering what the plans
are for Fedora S3 backed AMIs.

If I'm understanding correctly, an S3 backed AMI has no persistent
storage - once the instance is rebooted, all changes are effectively
reverted. This would mean that applying updates to an S3 backed AMI
would be a questionable process and any updates requiring a reboot
would be impossible.

Are we planning to release S3 AMIs on a regular basis or are we
expecting users to use the S3 AMIs to build their own images and take
on the responsibility of updating those images on their own? Or are we
focusing on the EBS backed AMIs that do have persistent storage?


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