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Jaime Melis jmelis at
Mon Mar 14 13:51:09 UTC 2011


I've posted recently a similar request to the main epel list and I have been
referred to this group. I'm an OpenNebula [1] developer, an we would like to
include OpenNebula in EPEL. To do so we would like to ask if there's anyone
interested in being a maintainer of the package. We (upstream OpenNebula)
would be very involved in this project, being co-maintainers. We would
provide upstream fixes, and testing.

We have a working version of a spec file that works in Fedora 14 and in RHEL
6. However I believe it can be greatly improved by someone with expertise on
RPM packaging.


Jaime Melis
Jaime Melis, Cloud Technology Engineer/Researcher
Major Contributor
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