Aeolus 0.2.0 Released and Ready for installation

Justin Clift jclift at
Fri May 6 19:47:23 UTC 2011


The Aeolus team are pleased to announce a significant new release of
Aeolus, the multi-cloud deployment solution, sponsored by Red

This release, version 0.2.0, marks the introduction of several important

  * Added capability to import Amazon AMIs through web UI
  * Self-service users can now create templates and launch instances
  * Streamlined configuration data to provide immediately usable installation
  * Now uses the 2nd incarnation of Image Factory to build images
  * Added ability to upload existing images to newly added Cloud Providers
  * Added ability to create pools
  * Added ability to map Cloud Provider Realms to Cloud Engine Realms

And several minor fixes or functionality improvements:

  * Image Warehouse is now the canonical store for image-related data
  * Improved stability and error reporting of QMF communication
    with Image Factory
  * Web interface verified to work end-to-end with the testing driver (mock)
  * Added ability to search on Instance owner
  * Added end-to-end testing framework for Aeolus scripts
  * Bugfix: BZ #690467 - Realm: Deleting mapping of realm w/o
    selecting anything throws error

Aeolus is still some way from feature complete, so is suitable for
testing with.  But please don't use it with live data at this stage.

Installation is very straightforward, with instructions on the website:

Packages are available for Fedora 14 x86_64, and RHEL 6.1 x86_64
(Release Candidate or later).  Support for Fedora 13 has been discontinued
with this release.

Upgrading from previous releases can be done using yum.  Due to a
recent reorganisation of the yum repositories, you need to point to
a new repo first, as shown in the above instructions.

All testing and bug reports are hugely appreciated, directly contributing
towards the quality of Aeolus releases and future growth.

If you're a world class Ruby on Rails (RoR) UI designer, our team in Red
Hat are hiring, so please get in contact:

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

Aeolus Community Manager

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