Attention Cloud SIG pals: YOUR FEATURES WANTED

Robyn Bergeron rbergero at
Wed May 25 05:14:24 UTC 2011

Hi crew,

So you probably heard that Fedora 15 is out. Woo!

And that means one thing: I'll be asking everyone endlessly for MOAR 

Feature submission deadline, per my currently still-slightly-drafty F16 
schedule page at is 
July 12. Feature freeze is July 26, which is when your feature should be 
more or less testable, and significantly complete.

If you are wondering what constitutes a "feature", this wiki page is a 
good place to start.

If you are planning on doing packaging of any sort of cloud-related 
project, I would recommend starting to work on it *now*, including 
getting your Feature moving through the Feature process. Now, I hear 
that the person who usually runs the Cloud SIG meetings also happens to 
be the Fedora Feature Wrangler as part of her $dayjob, and that she 
might be a good person to ask if you have questions. (That's me, in case 
you're wondering.)  If you're not sure if what you have should be a 
feature, my simple answer is that if it's new to Fedora, then, probably. :)

Also: If you're planning on doing any packaging of your favorite 
project, please pipe up here! I'm sure everyone would love to hear about 
what the plans are for F16. We've got plenty of people willing to help 
out with reviews and packaging right now, so by all means, seize the 

(Hint: CloudFS, Aeolus, CloudStack, and Eucalyptus folks, I'm looking at 
you. Even if it's for F17. Do tell your plans. Please. :D)

If you've already got a feature in progress and a feature page to match, 
please list it on the wiki page:
Note that we already have one in the pipeline, Sheepdog. (Thanks to 
ke4qqq and sdake for working on this!)


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