OpenStack status

Mark McLoughlin markmc at
Tue Nov 15 12:32:35 UTC 2011


It's been a while since I've done one of these, so I'll start with the
bigger items since the last report:

  - OpenStack was approved as a Fedora 16 Feature and F-16 itself was 

  - Diablo was released upstream and this was what was included in F-16

  - A number of us attended the Essex Design Summit in Boston. A really
    worthwhile event with lots of very productive discussions.

  - At the design summit, it was agreed to start maintaining a stable 
    branch with important fixes backported from the development branch. 
    This is now up and running:

  - We held a Test Day with a nice set of test cases that can still be 
    used by anyone who wishes to test OpenStack in Fedora:

    Many thanks to everyone who turned up!

  - Thanks to the awesome work of Miroslav Grepl and Bob Kukura, we got 
    SELinux policy for Nova in time for the Test Day:

  - The "getting started" wiki page has been further extended and 
    includes instructions on using MySQL, adding a separate compute node
    and fully cleaning up an OpenStack install:

  - Worth noting is that folks have been successfully testing OpenStack 
    in a VM by adding "--libvirt_type=qemu" to nova.conf

  - Pádraig Brady, David Busby and others have been making good 
    progress on getting OpenStack into (and working on) EPEL6

  - Swift hasn't yet been updated in F-16 to the Diablo version, but 
    David Nalley has posted some test packages here:

  - Keystone was packaged, reviewed and added to F-16 and EPEL6:

    It should work fine with Diablo's Nova, Swift and Glance. However, 
    no-one was done any serious testing of it in Fedora yet or provided
    test cases and/or howto instructions.

  - An issue with python-greenlet on i686 which was causing Nova to
    segfault has been fixed:

  - Support for Fedora's iSCSI tgtadm (as opposed to ietadm) was added 
    upstream and backported in Fedora:

    Thanks to Dave Malcolm and Pádraig Brady for sorting this one!

  - A nasty IPv6/dnsmasq issue was fixed:

  - A RabbitMQ update broke things for a while, but a new version was 

  - Nova switched to github/gerrit upstream, so no more bzr!

  - Upstream are now developing against SQLAlchemy 0.7.2 (the version 
    in Fedora) which should mean we see less of the types of 
    compatibility issues we've seen in the past:

  - Upstream's tool for developers now works correctly 
    on Fedora, which should make it easier to work on OpenStack 
    upstream using Fedora

  - Discussions have started around how an OpenStack Foundation should 
    be governed. I did my best to argue that it should be governed by
    representatives of the contributor base rather than appointed 
    representatives of the sponsoring companies:

  - Vish, the Nova maintainer, announced a big bunch of "subteams" 
    upstream. If you want to subscribe to 10 more mailing lists, here's
    your chance :-)

  - On the Orchestration sub-team, Fedora's Andrew Beekhof has proposed 
    the use of Pacemaker Policy Engine by Nova's scheduler:

  - Richard Jones suggested we use a "supermin" appliance in order to 
    provide Fedora images for use with OpenStack:

  - Michal Fojtik added OpenStack support to Deltacloud:


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