openstack in EPEL status

Mark McLoughlin markmc at
Tue Nov 15 15:16:19 UTC 2011

Hey Pádraig,

(cc-ed some likely suspects who might be interested in our plight :)

On Mon, 2011-11-14 at 22:28 +0000, Pádraig Brady wrote:
> I've been looking recently at getting the diablo release of openstack
> running on RHEL6.2 beta with support from EPEL.
> The current status is that I have nova and glance services running
> and passing very basic tests.


>  I'm using 2 packages not yet in EPEL though.
>  python-webob: 0.9.6 in RHEL6.2, 1.0.8 in F1[56]
>  python-sqlalchemy: 0.5.5 in RHEL6.2, 0.6.8 in F15
> The RHEL6.2 versions of these packages are too old
> to support openstack. Now it's not practical to update those
> for RHEL6.2 and I've requested consideration for RHEL6.3.
> In the meantime I think it's probably best to have parallel
> installable versions of those packages in EPEL, given EPEL's
> mandate of not updating RHEL packages:
> So we might have a python-webob10 package in EPEL,
> and adjust the openstack packages accordingly.
> There is precedent for this in packages like python-sphinx10

Right, the approach python-sphinx10 is using is documented here:

Also, I double checked with some #epel folks on the conflicts policy.
See the discussion below.

So, yeah - this sounds like our own real option


<markmc> hey; anyone here with time to discuss EPEL's policy on packages with conflict with RHEL?
<rdieter> markmc: the policy is fairly clear and simple.... don't.  what did you wish to discuss?
<markmc> rdieter: heh :)
<markmc> the situation is this
<markmc> we're adding OpenStack to EPEL6
<markmc> it went into F-16 recently
<markmc> it requires a newer version of python-webob than is in RHEL6
<markmc> now, I had assumed we could add e.g. python-webob10 with a Conflicts: python-webob
<markmc> sort of the opposite of a compat package
<markmc> but that's verboten?
<rdieter> sounds like you have 2 options:  1.  file RFE asking RHEL to update it
<markmc> 1. is done, will be in RHEL 6.3
<markmc> (hopefully)
<markmc> (in 6+ months, I guess)
<wolfy> markmc: conflict with core is verboten
<rdieter> 2.  create something the aforementioned python-web10 ,but it must be parallel-installable without conflict
<markmc> okay, so it would install into e.g. site-packages/webob10 or something ?
<markmc> i.e. no file or package level conflicts ?
<wolfy> markmc: right
<rdieter> markmc: something like that, yes
<markmc> ok, at least we have an option :)
<markmc> thanks guys

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