openstack-nova default database

Russell Bryant rbryant at
Thu Nov 17 20:22:45 UTC 2011


A few weeks ago I spent some time looking into a bug [1] that came up 
back when we had the test day.  The bug showed a "database locked" error 
when sqlite was used.  In short, using sqlite with nova is not a 
reliable combination.  I'd like to get some consensus on a good way to 
address that.

Some options ...

1) Update the docs to strongly recommend switching to MySQL as a part of 
the setup process.

2) Don't even bother having the packages set up for sqlite at all. 
Switch to mysql by default.

I'd like to take path #2 here.  It seems like a bad idea to provide a 
default configuration that we know will fail at times.

If we do take this path, what's the best way to go about it?  We can 
have nova set up to use MySQL and point it at localhost with some 
default credentials.  Should we do more?  Provide a trivial script for 
creating the nova database and user?  Have an optional openstack-nova-db 
package that pulls in MySQL and automatically creates the db?

I don't want to try to make things too smart and then end up causing 
pain for administrators.




Russell Bryant

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