OpenStack status

Mark McLoughlin markmc at
Tue Nov 22 10:06:06 UTC 2011


Happenings in OpenStack/Fedora/EPEL this week:

 * Pádraig Brady has continued his efforts to get OpenStack working in 
   EPEL. The wiki page has all the details:

   After some discussion on the list, and some experimentation by 
   Pádraig to make Nova work with older versions, it was decided to 
   package newer versions of webob and sqlalchemy using this approach:

   Pádraig, Toshio and Steve Traylen proceeded to kick ass by fixing 
   an issue in python-migrate:
       missing python-tempita Requires: in python-migrate

   and packaging python-webob1.0, python-sqlalchemy0.7 and 
       Review Request: python-webob1.0 - WSGI request and response object
       Review Request: python-sqlalchemy0.7 - compat package epel 6
       Review Request: python-nose1.1 - Discovery-based unittest extension for Python

 * Bob Kukura did an excellent job of packaging Quantum:
       Review Request: openstack-quantum - Virtual network service for OpenStack

 * David Nalley has pushed openstack-swift-1.4.3 into rawhide:;a=commitdiff;h=3216a70f66

   and Pete Zaitcev has been testing it:

   Alan Pevec has also been attempting to commit permissions to update
   openstack-swift in F-16/EPEL6 and fix some of the packaging issues in

 * Alan has also been preparing to update keystone to 2011.3.1 when it 
   is released upstream soon. This has a bunch of fixes and should work
   a lot better with Nova, Glance, Swift, etc.;a=commitdiff;h=191daeea8d

 * Cole Robinson has been making good progress getting 
   Dashboard/Horizon running and is starting to work on packaging it.

 * Russell Bryant has started investigating switching Nova to use MySQL 
   by default:

 * Alan Pevec has start looking into getting Nova's VNC console support 
       Figure out what to do about ajaxterm

 * There's been a bunch more progress on the Nova stable branch with 
   ~20 patches pushed in the last week. The stable branch for Glance 
   has also opened this week with ~15 patches backported from master. 
   All of these will be pulled into Fedora soon.

 * Boris Filippov from Grid Dynamics has been sponsored and intends 
   helping out with OpenStack on Fedora/EPEL:

 * On a slightly random note, eatmydata is apparently useful for
   speeding up the running of Nova's unit tests, but it's not in Fedora 
   yet. If anyone wanted to pick up the abandoned package review, that
   would be cool:
       Review Request: libeatmydata - Disable fsync() and friends


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